Services and Support

   Classes:  Abstinence and Sexual Health, Boundaries in
Relationships, Co-Dependency, Fertility, Parenting, and Life Skills

Support Groups and Bible Studies

Referrals for:  Adoption Agencies, Free Ultrasound Providers, Domestic Violence Help, 
Medical, Financial, and Housing Assistance ... as well as referrals to Churches, 
Counseling, Community Services and Food Banks

Direct Assistance with Material Goods at our Free Boutique:  

Maternity Clothing, Car Seats, Layettes and Children’s 
     Clothing, Diapers and Wipes, Formula and Baby Food 

Crisis Pregnancy Options Education

We go over parenting options with our client. We talk about her current situation and the support systems already in place, and the ones that will be needed. We let her know that she has our support all the way through pregnancy and after.

We discuss the adoption option with our client, providing her new information on the adoption process that she might not have known before. If she would like more information, we refer her to an adoption agency, letting her know we will go along beside her through the process if she chooses.

The third option discussed is abortion. Many women come to us in crisis, believing that having an abortion is the only answer to her pregnancy. We provide accurate medical information about the abortion procedure that she would have, based on the gestational development of the fetus.

*We do NOT provide referrals.

Our Mission
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           A Faith-Based Mission Demonstrated through Action                                                                                              James 2:14-26

Eastern Plains Women's Center is here to serve the community by providing assistance in the area of Options Education, Healing & Wholeness Classes and Support Groups (including post-abortion) for those affected by an unplanned pregnancy. 

We offer individual and group support in areas of co-dependency, abuse, sexual trauma, marriage and relationship boundaries, as well as life skills training, abstinence and sexual health education, and parenting classes.

A certified addiction counselor is  available at the EPWRC on Wednesdays, by appointment for those seeking professional assistance. 

We also assist with immediate but short term material needs, such as diapers, wipes, and formula.

Clients attending classes qualify for additional assistance through the Earn While You Learn program.